I found oriental dance not in Oriental circumstances, in a far-off mystical land, but in myself (I was dancing Latin dances at the time) this is why I think it is in all of us, just maybe buried a little deeper in some than others.

I have been bellydancing since 2005, my first teacher Rita Vattai gave my dance shape, gave an outlet for my feelings and feminimity. I have also learned from some outstanding teachers such as Zita Lenkefi, Tünde Aziza Balla and Anna Vitális, the full list of my teachers can be found at the bottom of this page. Currently I am a student at Judit Virág's tribal bellydance school, Attraktív Kollektíva. Since I started, bellydance has become the ruling influence in my life, the energy and the joy it gives me flows into my private life as well.

I acquired my FAT accredited Oriental Dance Instructor certificate from Aziza Art in 2011, and I have been teaching since. I also attend workshops whenever I can, and though I have started teaching I still take regular private lessons from the dancers I admire. I'm very happy always to attend other dancer's shows, its always a great experience and I find inspiration in any dancer who dances with heart.I love trying different styles, experiencing new things, trying new ways to challenge my body.I dance mostly show bellydance, and have created my own unique style that is light, powerful, dynamic and occasionally wild. The beauty of this dance is that it is ever-changing, there is allways something to add to it, making it infinite and immortal.

As bellydance is my passion, I love to perform and teach it. I have wide experience in performing at festivals, birthdays, weddings, balls and at private parties. I enjoy demonstrating this amazing dance so I am always happy to make any event unforgettable with a dazzling performance. I frequently perform both in Hungary and abroad. I won a Hungarian National competition, and achieved 4th and 5th places in Egypt and Spain. Recently I have won a Gold at the III.Gothic and Fantasy Bellydance Competition, and several other awards. In the Hungarian IDO Competition I achieved 3rd place, and at the VII.Westoriental Festival I got a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze as well, all in professional categories. I am very grateful to the organizers, who organize such high-standard events where we can challenge ourselves.

Since 2015 I have been judging in Hungarian competitions, and I am delighted to take on this honourable task!

Teaching is a different but an equally wonderful sensation, not just to give a taste but really share this dance, to see the moves unfold under my guidance in other people. My dream is to spread the joy of this dance! Whether as a spectator or student, I would like to share it with You.

Show Bellydance

Show bellydance is basically modern bellydance. Its the version of egyptian oriental dance that was carried into the USA and came back to Europe from there - and a bit tailored to western taste. The basic movements are the same as classic oriental, just the way we do the moves is a bit different. Acrobatic moves and typical combinations from other dances may be added to the dance, but all in a bellydance style. In show bellydance we often use props to make the performance more dazzling, such as Veils, Double Veils, Fan Veils, Isis Wings etc.

My Teachers

My teachers, dance partners and inspirations who have all taught me so much and helped me on my journey, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you!
Aziza (USA), Aziza Balla Tünde, Bartos Noémi Naimah, Báti Anita Nitah & Halaweyat Dance Company, Brebán Katalin, Bozenka, Camelia of Cairo, Elena Ramazanova, Eva Sampedro, Dahhan Mohamed & Ricky - Effendi Dabkeh Troupe, Gyenis Boglárka, Illian Riviére, Iris Sukara, Jillina Carlano, Kareem Gad, Kecskeméti Anett Kahena, Khaled Mahmoud, Kira Lebedeva, Kis Viktória Rya, Lenkefi Zita & Tűzliliomok, Luna of Cairo, Marouf Majidi, Mohamed El Hosseny, Mohamed Elsayed, Mohamed Shahin, Mustafa Siina, Nagwa Fouad, Nour & Yasser Alswery, Orit Maftsir, Professor Hassan H. Khalil, Randa Kamel, Raqia Hassan , Rosadela Yamuna, Sadie, Salima, Sayed el Antar, Stúber Gyöngyi, Suvi Tuominen, Szegedi Anita Sunayna, Vámos Veronika, Varga Alexandra, Vágó Szilvia & Baraka Bellydance Group, Vattai Rita & Holdezüst Rózsák, Vesna Zorman & Ambrosia, Violet Scrap, Virág Judit, Vitális Anna, Tiana Frolkina, Yousry Sharif, Zizi Mustafa