Welcome to my world!

My passion is to share the joy of bellydance with You, whether you choose to be a student or audience, I would like to share a piece of this captivating art :)

The essence of the way bellydance shapes our femininity is in the diversity and emotion-richness of this dance. Here we can live through our emotions freely and learn to use our own energy and body. In the vast selection of harder-softer feminine moves everyone can find the combinations that expresses their selves the best, and in which they are beautiful. The several different styles of bellydance make it even easier for you to find your unique womanliness.

We are Women, different, unique, in all shapes and sizes. Our figure and the curves which we'd like to hide often become our most desirable elements. Bellydance helps us recognize this. In a nice costume it is even easier to reveal our physical beauty. We gain confidence from the dance, from knowing how to handle our body, and knowing the extent of control we have over our body and muscles.Confidence and being comfortable in our body and with our character is crucial to radiate femininity. Bellydance slowly integrates into our weekdays as well, our posture and walk improves, and both men and women start to look at us differently. Spending a few minutes listening to oriental music sneaks a little magic into our everyday lives as we imagine the dance moves we would do, then we just continue our day with a small smile on our faces. During classes a secret world opens up to us, that we women color together and fill with energy, and this accompanies us outside the classes as well. The beauty of this dance is that it is ever-changing, there is allways something to add to it, making it infinite and immortal.

There are several documented positive physical effects of bellydance. Because bellydance is based on isolated movements, it thoroughly exercises all the muscles, improves fitness and posture, aids weight -loss and shapes our figure as a bellydance class is an intensive workout. It also gives us a tremendous amount of joy, because we dance and relax in a good atmosphere, in good company with fantastic music. An unusual advantage is that we discover and strengthen our special female muscles as well.

You may think when you take a look at a video, or a live show that you will never be able to move like this, but you are! Just give yourself time, these ancient, womanly moves are present in all of us just buried deeper in some than others. Bellydance is a wonderful way to entertain and express ourselves, and we decide who we present with it: our partner, friends, family or the public...

Let the dance ignite the spark within you!