FireOrchids Firedance Show

The FireOrchids's show is an irresistable fusion of fire and bellydance, which has become true firedance in the performance of this elemental tribe.
Back to the primal with undulating feminine movements, warm, sparkling fire and tantalizing music. The trio's spicy show is guaranteed to entertain all audiences!
The program can be requested with live music, a professional percussionist will give the show a tribal feeling with a variety of live drums.
Make your event unforgettable with us, ask for a program - proposal by email!

Facebook : Tűzorchideák Tűztánc
FireOrchids Leaflet, Downloadable PDF

    Viktória Cseh- Vica has been producing fire shows for 6 years, she teaches fire juggling, and has been dancing bellydance actively for 10 years. She has the sparkle of fire in her eyes.
    Zsuzsó Shererah Sárközy - Shererah is a professional dancer, she has been bellydancing for 14 years, she teaches and performs regularly in Hungary and around the world. Fire is her irresistible love, that matches her passionate personality.
    Tímea Mezei - Timi has been bellydancing actively for 11 years, she performs regularly. Fire has irrevocably captured her heart as well, showing the dangerous side of this lovely cat.
    Dániel Franczia -(professional Middle Eastern percussionist) - has been playing drums for 24 years, obsessed with Middle Eastern drums for 12 years.

Photos & Videos:
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