The classes are fun, carefully structured, dynamic and health-conscious. I mold the material of my classes to fit the needs of the dancers present. In the hour and a half long classes we thoroughly excercise all our muscles by roaming in the wonderful world of bellydance. All classes can be taught in English as well on request. The classes are in two separate locations, details below!
We continue the classes all summer, thanks to enthusiastic attendance :)!

Private classes, solo and group choreographies and preparation for competitions on request!

We organize our own semester closing gala shows twice a year, which are always popular and friendly, where you can show off what you have learned. There are also smaller shows we participate in throughout the year (performing is not mandatory).

You are welcome to join the classes anytime!

If you need help choosing the appropriate class, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


    I teach workshops on different topics, in Budapest or in the countryside by invitation. My speciality is clear techbique, and the unique use of bellydance props (such as cane, double cane, veils, fan veils etc). I make solo and group choreographies on request.

    My Workshop Topics (all over Hungary) in 2017-2018:
    Shimmy Techniques, Floorwork, Fan Veils, Expressive Arms Technique, Fan Veils Choreography,
    Special Veil techniques, Oriental Song Choreography, Show Bellydance Choreography
    Double Veils, Show Bellydance Combinations, Step&Spin Combinations, Spin Technique,
    Spicy Drum Solo Choreography, Stage Makeup, Shererah Style Shaabi Choreography
    Drama In Dance Techniques&Choreography, Samba Fusion, Flamenco Fusion, Roxanne Tango Fusion,
    Burlesque-Bellydance Fusion